3 Tips on How to Win with Search Advertising


           The world of Search Advertising is growing exponentially every day. So what can you do to stay on top of your competitors to maintain an edge?


Today, we share three tips on how you can leverage Google Ads to boost your search advertising performance.


Account Structure


This is where it all begins. Having a unified and clean account structure is essential to building a solid foundation for your Google Ads account. This allows you to better serve the right ads to the right customers. It helps you to better track the effectiveness of your paid advertising efforts.


We use a basic rule of thumb when building out our Google Ads campaigns. If your campaign targeting settings are going to be different (Geo, Bid strategy, etc..), then it’s best to segment them out entirely. This will allow you to have much better control over your campaigns and improve the data flow. 


Ad Scheduling


Your customers will normally search for your business during certain times of the day. Other factors include your industry or vertical. Google Ads has a neat little feature which we normally find under utilized in our account audits.  Ad Schedule allows you to bid on different hours or even days of the week to optimize your ads to serve at the right time when your customers are looking for you.


As a business owner, you have a general idea of when your customers are looking for you. However, online this may differ but not always the case. When optimizing your account, pay close attention to the data you have gathered on the performance of your account during certain hours/days. This data is useful and will provide some great insight in to your audience to better optimize your account.


Device Targeting


There are many different types of devices your customers are using to find your business. Knowing which devices play a bigger role when advertising can you help you maximize your ad spend. This will help increase efficiencies throughout your Google Ads account.


Say you sell mobile phone cases and you want to show your ads to people who own Mobile Devices only.


With device targeting, you can create a campaign targeting mobile devices only with messaging in your ad that’s tailored to mobile phone users. Additionally, you can then test this versus a desktop campaign to see what will actually drive better performance for your business.


By combining a variety of these tips into your account, you will be able to gain better insight into your performance. You can then use the data you’ve gained to making better informed decisions when optimizing.

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